Shiner (2018)

Matt sets out to live his dreams of becoming a world champion fighter. He meets Happy McBride, a washed up has-been, who takes him under his wing and introduces him to the underground world of MMA fighting. Matt fights his way to the top but then finds that love throws a stronger punch when his falls for Happy's daughter Nikki.


Bravo 6556 (2017)

When Commander Mira sets out for a mission in space, something unforeseen happens. After hitting a wormhole, she discovers what nobody has ever witnessed before. The incredible discovery made by Mira soon turns into misery when communication with the base fails and supplies run low.


Lonely Weekend (2015)

Everyone knows those strange sounds a house can make when one is home alone. The protagonist of this short also experiences just how creepy an empty house can be, which is when she starts to imagine things. But then, nothing ever really happens at home, does it?